Efficient Employees Will Assure your Company's Success

“The greatest productivity potential lies in the prevention of diseases.” (Future researcher Leo Nefiodow)

In light of the ever increasing challenges in everyday life and at work, it has become more and more important for companies to invest into their employees’ health, so their ability to achieve and their motivation can be maintained and developed. In times of demographic change and longer working lives such measures contribute to a company's image, which is an asset in staff recruiting.

prevent.on is your health mate in all phases of your life. prevent.on offers effective and resource-efficient solutions that help companies gain more health for their employees, so their ability to achieve is improved. Our systemic approach and profound understanding of a company’s reality clearly make us stand out from the majority of consulting services.

Our close cooperation with scientific institutions, such as the Leibniz Research Center for Working Environment and Human Factors, gives our customers the assurance that we are up to date in what we offer them. This expertise helps us in significant ways to answer complex questions in company health management.

Your advantages:

  •    prevent.on offers your employees a unique interlocking system of physical checkups and psychomental analyses.
  •    prevent.on strengthens each employee’s health status, which strengthens the overall health status of your company. Cost of illness and presenteeism will be reduced.
  •    We will guide your employees through coaching sessions and programs between the biannual checkups.
  •    The anonymized data evaluation will show you the overall health status of your company.
  •    prevent.on is present in all of Germany. We are close to all your locations.






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