Without health everything is nothing. Safeguarding your health with prevent.on

prevent.on operates all over Germany – as a leading company for individual and company health promotion in all areas of preventive medicine. This concept of salutogenesis aims at strengthening individual health.

prevent.on is based on

  •    the proven expertise from more than 20 years of health management and prevention
  •    the ongoing integration of the latest scientifically validated knowledge from health promotion and preventive medicine.

We use efficient, sustainable building blocks to strengthen your health. They are part of a modular, synergetic system that allows an optimized control of your health management. That makes prevention transparent and is highly accepted by our customers.

Private customers and renowned companies work with us, trusting in the effectiveness of our programs. We are the only institution in preventive medicine that operates all over Germany. We have nine diagnostic centers - with a very pleasant atmosphere of mutual trust, and you don’t have to travel far to get there.




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