Improving Leadership Skills. Developing Teams.

Our two-day training “Being resourceful in your job” is designed for executives who first wish to reflect on their own ways of dealing with job challenges and on improving them. In the second phase they practice their communication skills for managing their stressed-out employees.

The following skills will be practiced:

  • Evaluation skills: How do I contribute to my stress burden? Which inner drivers increase my stress burden even more? How can I create different evaluations?
  • Recreation skills: „Recreation is the spice of work”, but “How do I unwind?”, “What helps me relax?”, “How do I balance the challenges of work and my private life?”
  • Communication skills: How do I recognize stressed-out employees? How do I approach stressed-out employees? Which structures in my company can I draw on for support?
  • Accepting the Unchangeable: There are some structures I can’t change, but I put a lot of energy into “complaining about the unchangeable”. What can I change? What do I have to accept? How do I learn to recognize the difference.

Participants practice these skills with a wide variety of input and role play, so they can better deal with their challenges at work [as executives, but also as employees].

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