Healthy with a system

'Paths are created by walking them!' (F. Kafka)


For preventon, the value of a preventive-medical checkup extends far beyond the mere ruling-out of illnesses. What is decisive for us is always the human being in his or her totality. This is how we develop and shape the existing health potential to translate it into concepts suitable for everyday application.  

We view companies as our partners and are at their service with innovative and forward-looking proposed solutions for more health in the company. 

Psychosocial stress is emerging as the greatest challenge to healthy growth and efficient employment over the long term. We have effective instruments available to us for the precise analysis of the situation specific to a particular company; we identify opportunities for improvement and work with you to implement these improvements.


The most valuable potential at preventon are its employees. With extraordinary commitment and skills acquired in theory and in practice, we see to it that the health goals that have been defined are reached quickly and lastingly. 


We support our work with the aid of scientific data compilation. This creates transparency and makes success a measurable quantity. Existing networks with partners from various areas round out our system and permit the greatest  possible flexibility while maintaining maximum individuality.


preventon enables inner strength:

  • for the person who experiences a motivating shift towards greater quality of life and can enjoy this change over the long term;
  • for the company, as an investment in a sustainable future by promoting employee productivity and, hence, the success of the business.



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