EC – Individual Coaching, Fast and Reliable

EC stands for employee coaching. We offer this program to companies, to assist their employees with potential personal problems. This counseling is anonymous and confidential; expenses will be paid by the company.

What does this program offer you?
Through EC you will use our network and infrastructure. Companies of any size will get professional coaching for their employees fast and unbureaucratically, in cases of

  • any kinds of problems around their job [conflicts with collaborators, colleagues or supervisors, defining their roles, e.g. after promotion, etc.],
  • private problems with family, partnership or children,
  • personal problems, emotional crises and difficulties.

EC is not a therapy, but a solution-oriented short-term coaching where solutions are worked out directly or further steps are planned. We help you clear your mind.

How does EC work?
If your company uses this service, you will get an appointment for a personal meeting within a very short time [usually within 3 workdays]. Depending on the kind of contract, you will be entitled to up to 8 hours of anonymous counseling per year.

Contact: Dr. Nadine Schuster




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